Thorp Academy

Outcomes focused, child centred

EBacc - MFL (Y7-Y13)


Staff within the department

Mrs J Watford - Head of Faculty

Miss J Macaulay - Vice Principal

Miss K Blackman - Acting Head of Faculty

Mr J Guerbaai - Teacher of MFL

Subject overview

The department is staffed by a native French teacher alongside three other teachers who have spent considerable amounts of time living in France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

As a department our aim is to bring language learning to life through the use of real experiences, contact with native speakers and authentic materials in each lesson.

Our curriculum encompasses the fundamental skills of language learning (listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation) to not only support foreign language acquisition but also gain understanding of English language and grammar.

In the ever growing multicultural world, language learning is an essential skill sought by employers both regionally and nationally.

Key Stage 3 overview

The MFL course at Key Stage 3 prepares students for the GCSEspecification. In Year 7, students learn the fundamentals of language and grammar, which are the building blocks for learning any foreign language. Topics include my family, hobbies, celebrations and local area. In Year 8, students develop their knowledge of language by applying tenses to describe past and future plans

Key Stage 4 overview

We deliver the new 9-1 specification AQA GCSE French, German and Spanish at KS4. This course is taught over three years and encourages a deeper understanding of language and grammar. The course also supports students in becoming more fluent in their written and spoken language, alongside developing a wider understanding of authentic materials.

Key Stage 5 overview

We deliver the AQA French, German and Spanish AS and A level course. The course is designed to encourage creativity in language learning where students can apply their skills in new exciting contexts, access authentic materials and there is a logical grammatical progression. Literary texts and authentic films in the target language are used as a springboard for ideas, to develop creative expression and deepen understanding of the language and culture.








Year 7

Je me présente

Ma vie




Disastrous week

Year 8


Food and Drink

New Technology

Future plans

Past tense

Exam skills

Year 9

Family and relationships

My town and environment

My studies

Customs and festivals

Free time activities


Year 10

Healthy living


Life at school

Marriage and partnership

Travel and Tourism

Life post-16

Year 11

The environment

Homelessness and poverty

Career choices and ambitions

Social issues and charity work

Study leave

Study leave

Revision Resources