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Art (Y7-Y13)

Art and Design

Staff within the department

The Art Department is staffed by 4 specialist teachers who deliver Art and Design from KS3 to KS5

Ms S Statt

Mrs A Robinson

Ms E Rutherford

Mrs Z McAloon

Subject overview

The Art Department at Thorp Academy aims to enrich the quality of student's experiences, providing rewarding activities that inspire, inform, stimulate and challenge. All students will be able to undertake study in the key elements of the Art curriculum; drawing and painting, printing, mixed media, textiles, sculpture and photography.

We are an established department where every pupil is valued and is provided with every opportunity to flourish creatively in a safe and enjoyable learning environment that enables them to make a positive contribution to their own artistic development. Involvement in art helps to foster a positive attitude among students by developing a wide range of qualities such as cooperation, enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, tenacity, ambition and hard work.

Art at Thorp Academy consistently provides outcomes for students that meet or exceed their expected levels of attainment set on entry to the school. This is achieved by providing a well-balanced curriculum, developed to meet the needs of all children studying the subject. By planning backwards from Year 13 the staff within the department have a sound understanding of how all students will reach their expected outcomes and beyond.

Key Stage 3 overview

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will develop their technical skills and understanding of the processes required to produce high quality artwork. This is expertly supported by all staff through rigorous assessment, monitoring and feedback of each students work.

Key Stage 4 overview

In Key Stage 4, students become GCSE ready and are encouraged to explore their own personal creativity through clear individualised programs of 1:1 support. They continue to develop their technical skills and ability to analyse the work of artists and the world around them.

Key Stage 5 overview

The Art and Design A Level course is the perfect foundation to enter a career in the fields of Graphic Design, Game Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Photography, Theatre Design, Architecture, Interior Design, and Fine Art.

The creative nature of the course provides stimulating support for further study towards related areas such as Advertising, Film and Media Studies, Theatrical Studies, Creative Writing and Museum and Gallery based careers.








Year 7

Graffiti Letter styles

Colour Mixing

Graffiti Painting

Artist Research

Quentin Blake


3D drawing


Year 8

Artist Research

Damien Hirst


Group Work

Portrait Proportions

Portrait Shading

Final Portrait Drawing

Year 9

Bacteria Drawing

Bacteria Acrylic Painting

Artist Research

Bacteria Development

Bacteria Final Piece

Skulls Drawing

Year 10

Skulls Acrylic Painting

Skulls Artist Research

Skulls Development

Skulls Final Piece

Text Artist Research

Text Development

Year 11

Text Development

Final Piece

Externally Assessed Exam

Externally Assessed Exam

Study Leave

Study Leave