Thorp Academy

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Student Voice

Student Voice is valued at Thorp Academy

How does this happen:

  • Elected School Council meets on a regular basis
  • Peer mentors - offering academic/social and emotional support to younger students.
  • Sixth Form Committee.
  • Students being included on staff interview panels
  • Student feedback on teaching and learning
  • Outside community projects e.g. Groundworks through Asdan.

The School Council has staff liaison from Mr Robinson, Assistant Vice Principal.

Association of Citizenship Teaching defines student voice as "A term which refers to students having a say in their education and other matters affecting them. It is about students opinions having a real influence on actions and ensuring that students are properly represented in their schools, communities and society as a whole". Student participation is about students taking an active and meaningful role in their school and community; taking part or sharing in an activity such as decision making processes.