Thorp Academy

Together We Achieve


Rewards Programme

The aim of the Rewards Programme is to be consistent throughout Academy; students are able to earn House Point stamps both inside and outside of the classroom. House Points are awarded to every student. We will reward their performance in every lesson throughout school every day.

Teachers issue House Points to students by stamping their Planner on a daily basis - it is very important that the students remember their Thorp Academy Planners every day to make sure that they get the highest number of stamps possible.

Individual Rewards

Our students will receive a House Point Stamp from their tutor and teachers at the start of every lesson for meeting Thorp Academy expectations. Students must be:

  • Punctual
  • Equipped (pen, pencil, ruler, planner)
  • Wearing correct uniform
  • Ready to learn

They will earn House Points for Achievement, which means;

  • Having a positive attitude
  • Taking an effective approach to their learning
  • Working to the best of their ability
  • Ensuring good attendance

Students can earn House Points for Citizenship in and around school by;

  • Being courteous
  • Showing cooperation
  • Being considerate
  • Contributing to their Thorp Academy community

Our Rewards System gives all students the chance to build up their House Points and exchange them for rewards of their choice. We have a selection of rewards available from food and drink tokens to cinema tickets and iTunes vouchers!

The different rewards and tariffs are promoted around school and throughout Student Reception.

Tutor Group Treats

Before deciding upon the details of our Rewards Programme, we spoke to a large number of students regarding what they would like to have as rewards for their efforts. One of the main suggestions was for students to collectively earn treats for their groups of friends and peers in tutor groups - we listened!

For the Autumn and Spring Terms, the winning Tutor Group will win prizes in school and the winning Tutor Group overall at the end of the school year will win an activity based reward!

Year Group Prizes

During assemblies at the end of every half term, one boy and one girl from every Year Group will win a Metrocentre Voucher for meeting the Half-Termly Raffle Targets.

The Half-Termly Raffle Target will change each half term and will be promoted around school.

Rewards & Achievement Assemblies

Assemblies are held each term to reward students for achievement, effort and progress. Staff input data and this information is used to determine which students are high achievers and those students who are making a great effort with their work. Departments also nominate a student from each class for recognition. In addition to this, assemblies are an opportunity for any special achievements to be celebrated and to reward good attendance.

House Prizes

The winning House will be determined by the number of House Points earned collectively by students from all year groups at the end of each term. They will be presented with the Thorp AcademyHouse Point Cup in Achievement Assemblies!

We look forward to students celebrating achievement and success at Thorp Academy.