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Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance & Punctuality


We are continually striving to improve standards and raise achievement at Thorp Academy and we believe that attendance has a great impact on this. The Academy always tries to work closely with families to resolve any attendance issues and reach a solution that is acceptable to all parties with the ultimate aim being improved attendance. We have a team of people to support this process. They are:

Mrs J. Smith: Attendance Manager
Mr S. Rutter: Education Welfare Officer
Year Leaders
Progress Mentors
Form Tutors

Our aim is that all students will have attendance of 95% or above. We have an attendance action plan which supports all students to improve their attendance regardless of whether it is above or below that 95% target. Whole school strategies to improve our average attendance of 94% are, of course, based on improving the attendance of individual students and as a parent or carer you may receive letters when we have concerns about your child's attendance.

These letters may be for:

  • No parental contact on first day of absence
  • No contact regarding absence (unauthorised absence)
  • Contact details are not up to date
  • Attendance below 95%
  • Persistent poor attendance
  • Holidays in term time
  • Decision to refer to Education Welfare with the possibility of formal proceedings

We are aware that there may be reasons for absence that are unavoidable and we ask that you inform the Attendance Manager on these occasions. Please be assured that whatever action the Academy takes it is always in the best interests of your child and our desire to provide them with the best possible education.