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6th Form Staff

Mrs A. French is the Head of Sixth Form and looks after the Sixth Form as a whole. She will be involved in checking your data to see if you are making progress and if you are on track to get your target grade. She works with the Senior Students to organise events and to listen to your ideas and issues regarding the Sixth Form. She relates these ideas to the Leadership Team to see what can be done. Mrs French will also provide you with advice about future plans, such as going to university or employment and completing extra courses such as General Studies.

Mrs L. Doherty is the Pastoral Leader of Sixth Form and the UCAS Co-ordinator. If you have any worries, whether it?s concerning your studies or your general well-being, and you would like to talk to someone other than your teachers or tutor, then find Mrs Doherty. She can provide you with extra support if you need it or can just be someone for you to talk to. She may approach you to offer support if your teachers have any concerns. If you need help with your UCAS application, then she is also the person to see.

Mrs J Rodrigues is the Sixth Form Data Manager.

Molly Navey is our Graduate Mentor