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6th Form Staff - September 2017

Mrs French is the Head of Sixth Form and looks after the Sixth Form as a whole with the help of Mr Robinson who is the Assistant Head of Sixth Form. They will be involved in checking your data to see if you are making progress and if you are on track to get your target grade. They work with the senior students to organise events and to listen to your ideas and issues regarding the Sixth Form. They relate these ideas to the Leadership Team to see what can be done. Mrs French will also provide you with advice about university and completing your UCAS form.

Mr Robinson is the Assistant Head of Sixth Form. If you have any worries, whether it's concerning your studies or your general well-being, and you would like to talk to someone other than your teachers or tutor, then find Mr Robinson. He can provide you with extra support if you need it or can just be someone for you to talk to. He may approach you to offer support if your teachers have any concerns. He will also provide you with information regarding careers and how to apply for an apprenticeship. He will arrange careers appointments for you.

Mrs Rodrigues is the Sixth Form Data Manager. She processes all of the data and produces your data reports. She is in charge of attendance, so you need to let her know if you are leaving school for any reason. Please notify Mrs Rodrigues of any changes to your personal information, e.g. address or telephone number. She will contact you regarding work experience and volunteering so it is important that you regularly check your school email. If you have any timetabling queries please also see Mrs Rodrigues.