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Lexia Reading Programme

Lexia has been launched at Thorp Academy.

Lexia Strategies is web-based reading programme that provides the targeted practice and instruction students need to develop their reading skills.

The Lexia sessions run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays 8.15am - 8.45am.

We also have Lexia sessions on after school 2:45pm - 3.15pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Students can attend these sessions if morning sessions are a problem.

Lexia recommend students spend at least 60 minutes each week to benefit from the programme.

Lexia can also be accessed from home using the following web address

Students who have been completing 60 minutes in school and using the programme at home have been getting fantastic results. They have moved up levels very quickly.

To get started at home go to:

This will bring you to the login page; the details below will get you logged onto the programme. Student will have their login details in their school planner.

Teacher Email (for setup) [email protected]

Student Username: .

Student Password: .

We would welcome your support implementing this intervention at home and at school.

Please allow your child to work independently at his or his/her own pace. Provide encouragement, but don't give away the answers!

Please try to ensure an average of 20-30 minutes per session. We recommend that usage be kept to a reasonable level not too short and not too long.