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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report my child absent? - Please phone 0844 2393391 or 0191 4132113 ext 259 to report your child absent.

Check your child's planner regularly and sign it each week. Their homework will be recorded in this planner.

How can I contact my child's teachers' Any queries or concerns (coursework, homework, problems etc) can be addressed via your child's Progress Leader or Year Leader.

What are the times of the school day?

Times of the day

Can I take my child on holiday during term time?

Under amendments to education law in September 2013, school cannot authorise family holidays during term time. This change has been introduced to challenge the idea that there is a right to take holidays during term time (which has never actually existed). Parents and carers may no longer request absence for students for a period of up to ten days from school due to a family holiday.

Parents may request Leave of Absence for their son or daughter in exceptional circumstances. The Executive Principal decides if reasons are exceptional. Exceptional events are by definition, unlikely to occur regularly or often. Cheaper holidays in term time are unlikely to be accepted as exceptional.

Examples of circumstances likely to be considered exceptional are:

  • Bereavement
  • Changes to parents employment commitments
  • Exceptional matters that may affect family well-being

In deciding on whether to grant leave, the Executive Principal will consider:

  • The age of the student
  • The stage in their education
  • Current attainment and attendance
  • Proximity to examinations or assessments
  • Any previous leave taken

What happens if my child loses something? - Please ask your child to contact Student Reception. Remember it is far easier for us to track down the rightful owners of items if they are clearly labelled.

Who do I contact for Free School Meal enquiries? Please contact the Academy on 0191 4132113 ext 201. Or Gateshead Council Benefits Team on 0191 4333729

How can I credit my child's lunch card?

Your child will have a dinner card, which they load with money in the dining hall between 8:00am and 1:45pm.

How do I apply for a free school bus pass? You will need to contact Gateshead Council Benefits Section. A direct link to their website page for school transport is here

If you need to contact the bus company you can contact them on the following numbers:

NEXUS ? 0191 202 0747
Traveline - 0871 200 2233