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PROUD at Thorp

26th Apr 2018

PROUD at Thorp

On Wednesday 25th May 2018 Thorp Academy hosted its first PROUD evening. Year 7 students went to all of their class teachers to collect in all of their work that they have done since the start of the academic year to show their progress.

A lot of parents were amazed to see the amount of progress that their child has made at Thorp Academy since starting in September 2017.


The Proud event created joy, joy in looking at my daughter's work. She has learnt at Thorp, wow! It was a privilege to absorb how she and her teachers felt about her work, proud moments for all! I had a true insight into my daughters education and time at Thorp. The informal structure was the key it was perfect, relaxed, and fun which brought a great and valued experience for myself the parents and mostly my Child. She beamed and bubbled all the way ???? it helped bridge the gap of home and school