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Elizabeth Wein Author Visit

6th Nov 2017

Elizabeth Wein Author Visit

Year 7 & 8 students were invited to an author event with award winning author Elizabeth Wein in the main hall. Elizabeth spoke firstly about her life and how she came to be an author writing for young people. She then introduced The Pearl Thief, which is the book she was currently on tour for, and talked about the background research she had to undertake to write about pearl fishing in Scotland.

The students then took over and asked lots of questions about the book and her career as a writer. After the questions and answer session finished over 50 students lined up to buy copies of the book from the Blackwells stall and they all had them personally signed by Elizabeth before taking them home.

The afternoon was very interesting and the student questions were excellent. Elizabeth included her visit to Thorp on her blog page and really enjoyed her afternoon with our students.