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Year 9 Bounce Mentoring

4th Apr 2017

Year 9 Bounce Mentoring

For the last 5 weeks we have invited male representatives from different careers to Thorp to speak to the first of 3 groups of Y9 boys. The boys, together with each mentor, read and discussed parts of the book Bounce written by Matthew Syed. The group had also put a selection of careers questions together to interview the mentors at each session.

Our Executive Principal Mr Jordan started the sessions off discussing coaching, strengths, hard work and career progression.

Steve Pitt, the Newcastle Careers Army Officer, visited to work with the boys on week 2 and talked about technique, 10,000 hours of practice and the limits of long term human success.

The 3rd week the boys were very pleased to welcome Ian MacLeod the Newcastle Eagles basketball coach. Ian talked to the boys about his team and they discussed parts of the book which covered Faith, Religion and the Placebo Effect.

Diva Nair our Finance Technician brought along his expertise in finance and accounting and to talk to the boys about the parts of the book which covered pressure, focus, rituals and superstition.

John Bewick from engineering company SCA in Prudhoe finished off the mentoring sessions talking about his job in the company and discussing with the boys perception, drug use in sport and medically engineered technology to enhance performance.

We finished off the programme with a breakfast session where the group put together a presentation which they showed to Mr Tucker so he could see what they had learned and discussed with the mentors over the weeks. They then talked about their experience of the programme overall and their thoughts on the book.

All of the boys participated equally and did an amazing job throughout the term. We would like to thank the speakers for taking the time to work with the group at Thorp.