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The definition of a Pledge is;

An undertaking, or commitment (to a person or organisation) by a solemn promise.
This could include getting married, spending more time with family, being an honest friend, coming to school, doing homework, etc. Making a Pledge means making a commitment to something, someone, or yourself, and doing your very best to achieve that goal.

Students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the Academy beyond the classroom and via our Pledges scheme. By completing Pledges students are able to have new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain confidence and grow as individuals. To achieve a 'Pledge', students must complete certain tasks and attend particular group activities. For example, to achieve Pledge 6, pupils must prepare and deliver a formal presentation to an audience.

We aim for students to have undertaken a certain number of Pledges at particular points during their time at Thorp Academy. For a pupil to graduate from year 8 into year 9, three Pledges are required. To attend the prom at the end of year 11, 7 Pledges are required. We believe that pupils who achieve all ten Pledges will have developed a diverse array of skills that will follow them through their life after school.

What are the Pledges at Thorp Academy?

  • Pledge 1 - Regularly attend an after Academy activity
  • Pledge 2 - Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural or academic event
  • Pledge 3 - Take part in an Outward Bound residential programme
  • Pledge 4 - Attend a national sporting, academic or cultural event
  • Pledge 5 - Take part in an Academy production or event
  • Pledge 6 - Take part in a formal presentation to an audience
  • Pledge 7 - Be actively involved in an international experience
  • Pledge 8 - Be actively involved in a community experience
  • Pledge 9 - Participate in a fundraising event in the Academy
  • Pledge 10 - Help with the sustainability of the Academy

Students record their Pledges in their planner and with their Year Leader. Each Pledge is signed off by a member of staff and is recorded onto the school system.

Why are Pledges important?

The pledges at Thorp Academy provide pupils with opportunities to experience new things that can help them in the future. Pupils might discover a new talent, learn new things and make new friends. Pledges can also provide pupils with lots to discuss in interviews and on applications for college and jobs after school. Most importantly however, we believe that completing Pledges will build pupils' confidence and enable them to achieve things that might have otherwise not been possible.

What can I gain from completing my Pledges?

  • Reach your potential
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Improve your confidence
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Learn a new skill or develop existing ones
  • Create and foster a positive work ethic
  • Make new friends
  • Have a great time at school and leave with many happy memories

Pledge Awards

  • Bronze Award: 3 pledges met
  • Silver Award: 7 pledges met
  • Gold Award: 9 pledges met
  • Platinum Award: 10 pledges met