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Scholars enjoy Spain training camp

THORP ACADEMY'S sport scholars enjoyed a trip to Spain with a difference.

THORP ACADEMY?S sport scholars enjoyed a trip to Spain with a difference.

The 38 students enrolled on the Elite Performer Programme spent five days in Torrevieja for some warm weather training.

Thorp?s students got to use the state-of-the-art Sports City training complex, where a number of professional clubs in a variety of sports have visited since it was built.

They got to experience the exceptional facilities in testing conditions and the trip was designed to help athletes develop in their sport, showing what it is like to be a professional athlete.

Students had strength and conditioning fitness programmes as well as specific training in the sport they are excelling in.

Daniel Chambers, Jessica Weymes and Ellen Totton ? all Sixth Form students at Thorp ? all loved the trip.

Rugby player Daniel, 17, said: ?It was really beneficial to go away and take part in climate training. You push yourself through in the heat and you realise that you do a lot more in easier conditions when you return home.

?The sport specific training was really good, going through different drills and core skills that we should know. We saw the different ways that you can build confidence.?

Jessica, 16, is a promising basketball player. She said: ?When I first got off the plane I was shattered but we soon got used to being there and I really looked forward to all the sessions.

?The facilities were really good and it was hot. On the first day we were outside, playing basketball for an hour.

?It was the same sport, but felt a little different in a way because of where we where. It has given us an insight into playing in a different country.?

Another basketball player, Ellen, 17, said: ?We had sporting competitions and we got some beneficial help from the strength and conditioning sessions.

?Everyone was friends as well which was nice and it encouraged us all to work with each other as a team.?

Thorp?s students enjoyed free time while they were there to experience the town on the Costa Blanca, while some of the sessions took place on the beach.