One Academy Rule

Every student and adult is expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people at all times.


Outcomes for post-16 students in both academic and vocational subjects improved in 2017.

- Ofsted (2017)


Russell Group University Entries

This is the percentage of students who left Thorp Academy's Sixth Form to study as the most prestigious and selective universities.

Grade 4+ in English & Mathematics at Thorp Academy

This performance indicator looks at how many students attain a standard pass (grade 4+) in both English Langauge and Mathematics.

Progress 8 Score
-2 0 2

Progress 8 is a new measure of the progress children make between the end of primary school and the end of secondary school. It is designed to encourage good quality teaching across a broad curriculum. A score of 0.0 means that a school is statistically at the average for England & Wales. A score of above 0.0 means the school is above the national average and below 0.0, below the average.